1920s Flapper Costumes

1920 Flapper Costume

1920's Flapper Costume

1920s flapper costumes have a beauty of their own while also taking you back to a generation of prohibition and rebellious women. Sexy, flirty, and fun, these flapper girls changed the way Americans looked at women in the 1920s.

The 1920’s were the beginning of an era that changed American history. A generation of movies, radio shows, and sophisticated advertising led youths in the 1920’s to believe they were a world away in difference than their parents and the older crowd. With this belief, the youth of 20’s tore into some new habits, traditions, and styles that drove the preceding generation crazy. The younger people in the 1920’s went for the glamorous look that movie stars and sports idols reflected, along with the foul language, smoking, and selfish behavior.

Flappers became a very popular look in the 1920’s. Flappers were stereotyped as having short bobbed hair, short straight dresses that came above the knee, long necklaces, tights and garters, and too much makeup. 1920’s flapper costumes have the same designs they did 90 years ago. With sexy and provocative dresses, dark tights and garters, and high heeled shoes, the 1920’s flapper costumes give all the same appeal they did in their breakthrough era.

Jazz and dances like the Charleston appealed to the flapper girls of the 20’s. The Shimmy also made it’s way as a provocative and flirty dance that was looked down upon by higher class individuals. Dancing to dramatic music, flirting themselves into any mans eye, and taking center stage as a seductive capering queen. The excitement of the flappers lives is easily mimicked with 1920s flapper costumes for women.

With all the fads that hit the Roaring Twenties, it felt like a rock in the face. Every time you turned around there was a new fashion, new dance, new movie, new jazz tune that you had to listen to again and again. The 1920’s flapper costumes are one of the strongest fads, as the flappers kept their style fresh and flirty throughout the entire decade. With feathered boas and hats, long beaded necklaces, and the sequin designed and flashy colored dresses, no one could look over a succulent flapper Halloween costume.

1920 Flapper Costume

1920's Black Flapper Costume

Many movie stars took after the famous Olive Thomas who stared in the 1920 movie The Flapper. Although she stared in a similar movie in 1917, the term flapper was not used commonly until the premiere of the stars second film. The 1920’s had an uproar of fashion and change as this movie changed the way youth looked at movie stars. Dressing like the glamorous divas make 1920’s flapper costumes a craze for the crowds. With sexy flapper costumes every woman has her chance to make the crowds go wild.

The behavior of the flapper girls redefined the way that women were seen in the 20s. From provocative dancing and drinking alcohol to smoking cigarettes and dating freely, the women created an awful name for the flappers. Adding to the sex appeal that was connected to the womens dirty dancing and dating a different guy each night makes 1920s flapper costumes perfect for getting all the deserved attention this year. The desire to be free, open minded, and have no man hold rules over their head led the flappers towards feminism almost thirty years later.

With 1920s costumes you can create a great theme for groups or couples with the flapper girl in the middle. 1920’s flapper costumes have many different styles, colors, and sizes to suit every woman’s desire to be flirty and desirable. From teeny tiny gals to the curvier women with a bit more to love, and white and sequined to black and laced, the options with 1920’s flapper costumes is endless. A plus size flapper costume can make a woman feel sexy and desirable with the flirtatious dress and designs. Every sexy look you could imagine could be created with the dress, the wig, and all the accessories needed for a total 1920’s flapper costume creation.

Dancing in the jazz clubs or just awing the entire room at this years Halloween bash, the 1920s flapper costumes let your loose side out for the night.

1920’s flapper costumes are the “cat’s meow” this Halloween season.

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